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Pure Water Window Cleaning Services offers the best commercial and domestic window cleaning and home maintenance services in all areas of Nottingham, including all NG- postcode areas.



If you are struggling to find a reliable window cleaner in your area of Nottingham or would like to see how Pure Water Technology can make all the difference to your windows, Pure Water Window Cleaning Services can help.


Our team of professional, health and safety conscious, 'Pure Water' window cleaners can handle anything from a small bungalow or house to large offices and commercial units; not only do we clean the glass to a high standard, but we also clean the window frames and sills too!


Do not worry if your windows have not been cleaned for quite some time, we will soon get them gleaming again for you using Pure Water Technology, Our Reach and Wash System and some good old-fashioned elbow grease!


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Our Services:
External Window Cleaning in Nottingham | Pure Water Window Cleaning Services


Our 'Reach and Wash' system can reach upto 45 feet making it ideal to clean those hard to reach windows without invading on your privacy. Your home will look as sparkling as your glass because we clean all your frames and ledges too. Try us and see!

Internal Window Cleaning in Nottingham | Pure Water Window Cleaning Services


We are fully insured to work inside your property on your internal glass windows or mirrors and you can be sure of a gleaming finish as we spend longer on the nooks and crannies, frames and sills for that extra special final touch! 

Conservatory Window/Roof Cleaning in Nottingham | Pure Water Window Cleaning Services


Our “Reach and Wash” system is ideal for cleaning conservatories and greenhouses so you can have a clean conservatory with minimal fuss to yourself. Window frames are cleaned at the same time so your conservatory is left gleaming.

Guttering, Soffits and Fascia Cleaning in Nottingham | Pure Water Window Cleaning Services


We guarantee (for the length of our service) no more debris or leaves trapped in your guttering systems. We work all year round to ensure your gutters remain in constant flow whilst at the same time, cleaning your cladding/soffits and fascias for that real looked-after look!  *Recommended addon.

uPVC and Garage Door Cleaning in Nottingham | Pure Water Window Cleaning Services


If your garage, cladding, PVC doors or outbuildings are in need of a clean then our “Reach and Wash” system can also be used for the cleaning of these. This system is great at removing stubborn dirt to leave your garage doors looking as fresh as possible.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Nottingham | Pure Water Window Cleaners Nottingham


Our bi-annual solar panel cleaning service is a must if you have invested in this type of energy source. Not only will cleaning the panels upgrade their efficiency but they will also look better maintained on your roof after removing the algae and moss that builds on them over time. Get in touch today for a Free Quote!